This Sunday is SF Music Day, and at the ornate and wonderful San Francisco War Memorial Veterans Building you’ll find 35 ensembles and 155 musicians performing on four stages between noon and 7:45 PM. What’s more, it’s all free!

This is one of the Bay Area’s top free music festivals, and it’s now in its 10th year. According to organizers,  SF Music Day celebrates the diverse and dynamic music of our region, from string quartets to jazz combos, traditional chamber groups to new music pioneers, musicians dedicated to exploring the traditional Western canon to those steeped in the sounds of India, Latin America and the Philippines. 

Fresh young talents share the stage with seasoned veterans, as SF Music Day presents a kaleidoscopic vision of Bay

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As we understand it, Eight Tables opens tonight, following two years of construction and preparation.  The restaurant brings a whole new concept to the City, based on an elite style of dining in China.

This is how Ellen Fort, with, describes Eight Tables in the context of San Francisco’s current dining scene:

“Years after cementing itself as the birthplace of California cuisine, San Francisco has now become known as the “Land of the Tasting Menu.” The perfect storm of tech affluence, international travelers, and ambitious chefs has resulted in some of the country’s best dining experiences (and most Michelin stars). Now, there’s a new contender in town: Eight Tables by George Chen, the fine-dining apex of Chinese food and

9 Views, 0 Comments. just posted a piece that summarizes the results revealed in San Francisco’s latest census. The American Community Survey (ACS) provides an estimate on the latest population, income, and demographic makeup of San Francisco.

Unlike the full census, released only every 10 years, the ACS provides a yearly look at the changing makeup of American cities, although it is generally less precise. Bottom line? In 2016 San Francisco got bigger, richer, younger, and more crowded.

The City’s overall population grew to 870,877. That’s up from the 864,816 estimate the year before. Notably, this 6,000-person bloom is far less than the 11,000-13,000 we’ve seen in recent years.

Median household income is now $103,801/year. Yes, that’s a lot.

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Comedy Day takes place on Sunday, from 12 to 5PM, at Sharon Meadow in Golden Gate Park. Wait, that location is about to have a name change. According to reports, on Sunday it will officially become Robin Williams Meadow, in honor of the comedian who loved San Francisco’s Comedy Day — always supporting the free event, and often performing in it. Also, this Saturday and Sunday, the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival wraps up its run in the Presidio with two final performances of Hamlet, one on Saturday, and one Sunday. Both begin at 2PM, and as always, the performances are free to attend.  The troop then moves to San Francisco’s McLaren Park for the last performances of the season. For details, click here.

On the “Homes for Sale in San

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One stage, five hours, forty comedians, and organizers say, a million laughs. The 37th Annual Comedy Day takes place this Sunday. If you’ve been you know.  If you’ve never been, this is the year to go.

It’s free, and it takes place at Sharon Meadow in Golden Gate Park from 12 – 5 PM.

As a side note, reports that in honor of late comedian and San Francisco resident Robin Williams, the city of San Francisco will officially rename Sharon Meadow after the Academy Award-winning actor.

According to the report, the City selected this patch of Golden Gate Park due to its association with the annual Comedy Day, an event that Robin Williams performed at frequently and always supported.

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Getting sushi from Japan to San Francisco requires enormous effort, and results in an incredible odyssey. At the SF restaurant Ju-Ni, diners who may have never been to Japan themselves, pay at least $145 each for a tasting menu that serves 18 or so courses of fish. Most all of it has been flown in from Tokyo’s famous fish market, Tsukiji.

Tsukiji has been called the fish market at the center of the world. Launched in 1935, it’s the world’s biggest fish market, with more than $3.96 billion worth of seafood sold in its last fiscal year. 555 marine wholesale companies compete for the business of supermarkets and restaurants worldwide — including many in San Francisco. just published an amazing article about how sushi gets from Japan to

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What has happened in recent weeks is almost incomprehensible. Massive hurricanes, one after the other, have done incredible damage across large swathes of Texas, the Caribbean, and Florida.

Recovery from all of this devastating destruction will take a lot of time, and an extraordinary amount of money.  If you wish to make a donation, perhaps the best place to start is with the Red Cross. That organization will be there for survivors as they begin to rebuild their lives.

What’s more, be sure you are prepared for disaster right here at home. Make plans now with family and friends, so that you can collect yourselves, and take care of yourselves, in an emergency. The forces of nature are not to be taken lightly, as these recent storms, and the

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J-POP SUMMIT takes place on Saturday and Sunday at Fort Mason. The annual festival features the latest in Japanese music, fashion, film, art, games, tech-innovations, anime, food, as well as niche subcultures! Meanwhile, San Francisco Opera is celebrating the opening of its 95th season, and once again the opera company invites you to join them for Opera in the Park this Sunday at Sharon Meadow in Golden Gate Park. It’s a free event!

On the “Homes for Sale in San Francisco” front, here’s our report for this week, 9/3/17 – 9/9/17

Declining Home Sales Across the Nation Due to Low Inventory

The National Association of Realtors® just released their July report on the nation’s real estate market. It’s worth mentioning that the market

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Mountain Lake is a unique jewel in the Presidio. It’s one of San Francisco’s last surviving natural lakes and the only natural lake in the entire 80,000-acre Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

This lake is where the Presidio’s story begins. For more than 1000 years the Ohlone inhabited San Francisco, and life for many centered around the lake. It was here in 1776 that Spanish Captain Juan Bautista de Anza and his small band of explorers ended a 1,500 mile journey from Sonora, Mexico, camping on its shores for two days – long enough to scout out exactly where they wanted to build their “presidio” or military fort (they chose the spot where the Presidio Officers’ Club is today).

You can hike the last 2.7 miles of that 1,500 mile journey by

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